Contemi Joins Managing General Agents’ Association to Empower MGAs With Its Digital Capabilities

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3 min readApr 15, 2021

The membership will allow Contemi Solutions to provide MGAA members with latest technology and distribution solutions to help them deliver superior value to insurers, partners and policyholders.

Contemi Solutions, a Global FinTech Company, has partnered with the Managing General Agents’ Association (MGAA), the UK based not for profit organisation, to help enhance the digital capabilities of MGAA members with its Insurtech SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform ‘Seamless’.

As the MGAs prepare to respond to the new market demands and opportunities, they are challenged with the limitations of their existing processes, legacy systems, and high costs. Contemi’s Seamless aims to liberate them from inflexible legacy tech, high-risk, high-cost and multi-year change programs. The platform helps them improve their ROI by dramatically reducing product launch times, underwriting and distribution costs and enhancing customer experience.

Daniel Thafvelin, Executive Director of Seamless at Contemi Solutions, said, “Since we see that the Managing General Agents’ Association is providing much value to the industry, we are excited to become a supplier member. We hope to gain a lot of knowledge that we can use to provide more business value to the MGAA members, and of course also that we can contribute with our insights and solutions. Seamless address challenges we have heard from MGAs on incoherent systems, high cost and low digital distribution. The platform is delivered as a service through AWS and can be implemented as a complete solution for end-to-end distribution, policy lifecycle and claims management or deployed in modules to add additional functionality to existing insurance systems. Its tailored and flexible workflows and functions for product distribution, policy management, customer management, accounting, seamless data transfers, reporting and general business processes, addresses all aspects of an MGA’s front and back office,” he concluded.

William Rouse, Business Development Director for Contemi UK & Europe, commented, “We are excited to get our new relationship with the Managing General Agents’ Association. We view the MGA space as one of tremendous value to the insurance industry and are looking forward to collaborate with MGAA members to better understand ways in which our solutions can add value to this space.”

In a LinkedIn post, MGAA pointed to Contemi’s digital capabilities to help make insurance distribution and customer experience seamless and efficient for MGAs.

William Rouse explains how Contemi Solutions intend to help MGAs.

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About the MGAA

The Managing General Agents’ Association (MGAA) is a UK based not for profit organisation dedicated to representing true MGAs. Formed in 2011, the MGAA also aims to provide a better understanding of what MGAs are and the contribution they make to the insurance industry. The MGAA currently has 153 full MGA members representing over £6bn of underwriting capacity. They are joined by 34 market practitioner members, 67 supplier members. The board of elected directors leads the organisation. In addition, five separate committees deliver benefits for members with a clear aim of shaping the future of delegated underwriting.

More information can be found at, on Twitter @UKMGAA and on LinkedIn.

About Contemi

Contemi Solutions, a leading provider of digital software solutions to insurance, wealth management, banking and capital markets, is dedicated to deliver business solutions that creates value for the financial services sector. Founded in the UK and Norway in 2001, Contemi today has a global reach and local approach to deliver business solutions that create value for its 50+ clients across the world. The company is strategically positioned to ensure local support across global time zones with its team of over 200 employees working from the UK, Norway, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and India offices.

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